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What Is Gamification?

Gamification is the practice of applying game methods to enhance applications that are not games, as a method for improving user engagement. Gamification is a term often used for bringing excitement to an old activity (usually a boring activity) by weaving it into an online marketing strategy.

Have you used Gamification in your market research surveys?

We provide a global software platform that offers an easily created (point and click) cost effective solution when adding gamification to an online marketing strategy.
When it comes to survey respondents, we use the principal of “Fun W.I.F.M.” (What’s In It for Me). We instantly reward people for their actions all the while making it fun.
Implying an easily understood minimal action with a reward, will help people break through “action paralysis.”
Adding Gamification to Online Surveys
Mixing instant gratification and badges of achievement together.
– A doughnut retailer wants to get feedback on each transaction with their customers. On their receipt, there is a visual representation of a game with three rewards all having different values, and a link to a survey. Motivation to take the survey is created by the possibility of receiving the larger reward, hence instant gratification. After taking the survey, the game supplies the respondent with a level of instant gratification by rewarding them a badge, a discount or immediate prize.

  1. The immediate prize being the larger reward.
  2. A badge being part of a larger prize motivating them to take another survey for another badge.
  3. A discount that can be used at the time of their next purchase.

Gamifyourworld’s game engine delivers the possibility of receiving the highest reward with every doughnut purchased and every survey taken. Increasing response rates and keeping the respondents coming back for more.