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Accelerate Sales, Market Research, Customer Service and Employee Training

GAMIFYourWORLD productizes a supercharged behavior directing engagement strategy for survey designers, online marketer, sales managers and HR managers. 

We make available global game engine that contains user friendly software providing people the power to influence behavior in manner that achieves a desired objective.  

Today’s gamification requires a lot of planning and expensive coding. We offer gamification in just a few clicks. Enhance your motivation with our game engine today. 

Accelerate Sales

Use our game engine to create incentive programs that generate leads, produce inbound marketing calls and online inquiries. Reward potential customers for taking action on a call to action.  Produce legitimate business results by rewarding your sales people for making the most out of marketing efforts.  

Market Research

Market researchers without complex coding are increasing response rates because of their ability to effortlessly incentivize survey respondents and enrich marketing campaigns through gamification. We easily and seamlessly connect our games to today’s industry leading survey software platforms and straightforwardly embed into social media, websites and blogs to motivate interaction.

Customer  Service

Motivate employees to do their absolute best by identifying KPI's key performance indicators, encouraging accomplishments and rewarding them when goals are reached.  As a result you will notice an improvement in customer satisfaction scores. We make the reward process fun. Better than a Scratch Off!

Employee Training

Motivate employees by presenting them with:

a well-defined goal
a structure of measurable progress toward a goal
a notion of improved rank when the goal is attained
a meaningful reward(s) for accomplishing the goal

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Do You Have Your Own Prize Incentives?
Our gaming engine is always idling and waiting for someone to stomp on the throttle and feel that supercharged engagement take control. Up to 7 prize levels available for your incentives. Odds automatically calculated as you fill the prize levels.
Un-Loaded Games What You Get
Gaming Engine
Intel Xeon Dual Core
2.3GHz (4 threads)
Our gamification engine powers a cloud based global software platform that enables both small and enterprise businesses the opportunity to increase response rates through gamification.
Up to 7 Prize Levels
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
6th 7th and losers
Up to seven prize levels to choose from. Populate a minimum of two prize levels to make a game. Our Intuitive game management dashboard makes it easy for you to set prize names and set number of each prize.
Odds Automatically Calculated
You Set the Odds
Do you have a lot of one prize and not a lot of another? As you set your prize numbers the game engine automatically calculates and displays the odd for you to put into your game rules.
Inventory Control
Only Deliver The Amount
Of Inventory Available
Our Gaming engine will deliver a set number of prizes per prize level, no more, no less. We giving you total control eliminating the possibility of going over budget on a promotion.
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Don’t Have Time to Find Prizes?
We offer a variety of digital incentives to choose from. After each play we deliver pin codes via email or to the screen along with a website address for redemption. Our preloaded games contain various incentive marketing programs to match your budget and number of desired respondents.
Pre-Loaded Games With Inventory Control

Pre-Loaded Hotel Incentives

Gift cards or eCodes 1 ticket, 2 tickets, 4 tickets. This reward is widely accepted and greatly appreciated. We offer tickets at over 15,000 screens. Over 95% of the US population is within a 15 mile radius of one of the participating theaters. Gift cards for all brands and denominations. PIN delivered eCodes or Cards for instant redemption.

Pre-Loaded Digital Incentives

Down Load the latest digital content. Music Downloads The latest and widest releases from all the major record companies. Streaming Rental & Purchase Movies. The latest new movies from leading Hollywood studios. Available as a ‘season pass’ or individual episodes eBooks & Audiobooks. eBooks can be read on all browser based readers (Kindle Fire, Nook Color), iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC

Pre-Loaded Dining Incentives

Dining cards or eCodes $25 $50 or $100 Accepted in over 15,000 participating restaurants nationwide. As well as premium online partners like LobsterGram, Mrs. Field's, Boca Java and many more Search for restaurants online and learn more about them by viewing their menus, wine lists, photos, chef's backgrounds and more

Pre-Loaded Games With Inventory Control How It works
We offer three prepackaged pre loaded game incentives programs on a per pin code basis. After the respondent plays the game we deliver the pin codes via email or to the screen. You pre purchase pin codes according to your estimated response. If your response rate is underestimated (not enough pin codes pre purchased) You have the option of allowing the game to continue on a pay per pin code basis. Example You determine the total game plays and odds by providing the number of game plays per 1st , 2nd, 3rd place and the losers, If any. Our Game engine will calculate and display the odds for you.


Dining Card Wheel Game

  • 100 - 1st Place Retail Value $100 Dining Card/pin code
  • 1000 - 2nd Place Retail Value $75 Dining Card/pin code
  • 3000 - 3rd Place Retail Value $50 Dining Card/pin code
  • 0000 - Losers (when adding losers your cost per pin code goes down based on your total respondents)
  • 4100 Game plays/pin code
Gamify Your Survey or Promotion Today Reach Out
For The Pin Code Cost

We Have A Plan For Most Budgets
Mix & Match Incentives According To Your Target Market
We Will Custom Quote Your Choice Of Incentives

Game Incentive Products
Discounted Companion PLUS Airfare Certificate
Travel Checks
Hotel Loyalty Rewards
Travel Passport
Dining Dough
Movie Tickets
Discounted Companion PLUS Airfare Certificate
  • 24/7 online booking
  • 19 domestic airline partners including all major and low cost carriers
  • Limited blackout dates
  • Guaranteed lowest price
  • All electronic fulfillment
  • In-house, bilingual customer service call center
  • Over 95% of all domestic tickets originate out of our participating airports
  • More airports, more airlines, more options than any other Companion Airfare Program
  • Custom “Add a City” program available
  • Class of service selection
  • Choice of Airline
  • Filters to choose nonstops, exact airports in region and departure/arrival times
Travel Checks
  • Up to 20% off Airfare
  • Easy to use, all reservations can be booked online 24 hours a day
  • NO Black out dates
  • Cash value is deducted from LOWEST AVAILABLE FARE
  • Available in $25, $50, $75 or $100 denominations
  • We subsidize the discount that would provide the member with airfare lower than directly
  • through the airlines
Hotel Loyalty Rewards
  • Over 200,000 hotels and resorts available world wide
  • No minimum or maximum room categories on the program----we are showing all inventory available
  • Discount is deducted right at checkout (5%, 10%, 15%)
  • Regular room rate is the lowest online rate you can find
  • Reward Site sort’s hotels in a variety of ways and select from any of the
  • room categories the hotel has available.
  • Site customizable for client.
Dining Dough Gift Cards
  • This gift card provides customers with $25, $50, or $100 in their choice of over 15,000 participating restaurants nationwide
  • As well as premium online partners like LobsterGram, Mrs. Field's, Boca
  • Java and many more
  • Search for restaurants online and learn more about them by viewing their menus, wine lists, photos, chef's backgrounds and more
  • Follow instructions to print and present gift certificates that are honored onsite at the restaurant
  • This can be delivered in either PIN or card format.
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